Uncertified copies - redacted or unredacted

Uncertified plain paper copies of original handwritten or typed Western Australian birth, death and marriage records are available on payment of the fee and application to the Perth Registry only. Applications will not be accepted at courthouse locations.

As they are uncertified copies they will be marked accordingly and cannot be used for official or legal purposes such as proof of identity.

What is available

Please note that some words in Open Era records may cause offence. In order to avoid causing offence, the copy you receive will be redacted unless you specifically ask for an unredacted copy. By asking for an unredacted copy, you accept that the copy you receive could contain words that may cause, or be capable of causing, offence to you or someone else who is aware of it.

Uncertified copies of original records may be of varying quality and legibility, handwritten or typed. Every effort is made to provide the best image quality possible but where the image is difficult to decipher the Registry is unable to transcribe the document or provide a refund. The birth, death and marriage records held at the Registry are confidential and are not available for viewing for family history research by members of the public or professional genealogists.

If you require an official birth, death or marriage certificate for official or legal purposes please refer to the relevant webpage for further information.

Where and how do I apply?

Perth Registry Office - in person

Perth Registry Office - by mail

Application Forms

Delivery Time

Allow up to 15 working days processing plus regular return postal delivery.

Phone, fax, email or online applications

The Registry is unable to accept applications by phone, fax, email or online.

Last updated: 15-Apr-2019

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