Proof of Residency

If you wish to apply for a change of name in Western Australia and you were NOT born in this State (that is you were born either interstate or overseas):

Note: You must provide a minimum of two separate forms of documentary evidence that you have been living in Western Australia for the 12 months immediately preceding your application. The Registry may make further enquiries about your living arrangements in the 12 months prior to your application before approving any change of name.

Evidence of your current residency should not be older than twelve months (except your WA photo driver's licence) and must show transactions or some other form of evidence that you have resided in Western Australia for the preceding twelve months.

Evidence of residency must state your current address and where applicable all previous Western Australian addresses within the last 12 months, and clearly show a 12 month history of your living in Western Australia.

Note: If you were born in another State or Territory of Australia you must apply to change your name in your birth State. You cannot apply to the WA Registry.

Please note:

Last updated: 15-Apr-2019

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