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Getting Married Overseas

If you are planning to marry overseas, you need to be aware that the laws regarding marriage vary from country to country and legal complications can arise.

After you have decided on the country in which you will be getting married it is recommended that you discuss the marriage laws of that country with a consular official. For contact details, refer to the Index of Consulates.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade also have information related to overseas marriages at Smartraveller.

The Western Australian Registry is not able to provide legal advice regarding the registration or validity of overseas marriages.

The overseas country's registry authorities will register the marriage and can provide you with a marriage certificate as proof of the marriage. 

After the marriage

If you marry in a country where English is not the first language, it is recommended that you apply to the Australian Consulate in the capital city of that country for an official translation and an apostille of the marriage certificate before returning to Australia.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Australia cannot translate or apostille an overseas marriage certificate. Some overseas authorities require their documents to be translated within that country to enable legal validation of the document.

The translation and apostilled original marriage certificate can usually be used as proof of marriage when required by banks, passports and other government authorities.

Last updated: 15-Aug-2017

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